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Lucia Caves

(BLA Hons, PC PR&T)
Landscape Architect and Parks Project Manager

Lucia is a Lincoln University graduate operating at an intermediate level based on her experience and track record combined with her a strong background in amenity horticulture and landscape construction. Having completed apprenticeships in the field before commencing her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University has enabled Lucia to apply a pragmatic lens to her design work to ensure the longevity of a concept is equally matched by withstanding the impact of maintenance and plant maturity. She also has experience in the private sector as a garden designer and consultant.


Lucia is passionate about strengthening how people experience outdoor environment, and how open space is planned for and managed efficiently, fulfilling Thrives commitment to ensuring ‘form follows function’ through design. This is cemented by recent postgraduate study delivering a certificate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. 

Projects Lucia has worked on include planting specification, concept development and visioning for sites with cultural significance (Puketoromiro Pa, Te Ahui Pa), residential garden design, subdivision landscape plans, Master planning (Mangahao recreation RMP), feasibility, scoping, project estimates and assessments, and wayfinding signage. Lucia uses Microsoft Project for project management and GCC possesses full licensing and hardware for design and project management tasks. 

Outside of work Lucia enjoys hiking, yoga, mountain biking, crafty brews and spicy food.


January 2019 – Present

Landscape Architect, Thrive Spaces and Places Ltd.

Allwood Trees Ltd

Garden designer, customer services and nursery hand. 


City Care Ltd

NZQA level 4 Amenity Horticulture and Landscape Construction apprenticeships.