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Thrive Spaces and Places is your specialist parks and recreation consultancy focusing on strategic and management solutions, project and programme management, planning, assessments and evidence work for agencies and communities, primarily throughout Aotearoa. We pride ourselves on ensuring nature has a voice in any development and that any output or outcome is future-focused. Thrive brings you an agile and more cost-effective alternative for parks and recreation consultancy yet with all the backup and resources that you would usually find with a large company.

We will add value to your operation with our team having senior management, extensive technical and planning experience on hand to work with you or your organisation. We bring a multi-talented approach, blending technical skills with communication ability for projects of any size, or statutory processes. We can help you imagine and re-imagine the spaces and places where community happens and thrives – where the community congregates, recreates and communicates. We draw the link between spaces and places, the people that use them and the greater civil society outcome.

With over 80 years of national and international experience in parks, recreation and tourism projects and planning our thriving team is on hand to offer a range of specialist services and a significant network of industry contacts and research to best support our clients. 


Have you got an upcoming project that needs to thrive? Get in touch with one of our team today alternatively, take a peek at our specialisations or browse some past projects for inspiration. 


Strategy Planning & Development

  • Policy and strategy documents 

  • Recreation planning and assessments

  • Recreation and parks expert witness

  • Strategic planning

  • Expert evidence

  • Open space strategies

  • Community development


Open Space & Facility Planning, Assessments & Business Cases

  • Reserve management plans

  • Regional park establishment and development

  • Investment plans for alternative funding for parks and recreation

  • Physical activity strategies

  • Feasibility studies, needs assessments and business case development for park and recreation infrastructure

Open Space Development

  • Landscape design

  • Vegetation assessments 

  • Cycle trails, planning, community consultation, fundraising, land negotiations and project management for all implementation

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Regional park planning and development 

  • Plant selection and species listings

  • Local and sports park planning and development, walkway and cycleway planning and development

  • Ecological restoration

  • Wayfinding and interpretation project management

  • Specialist horticultural, amenity and propagation professional services

Tourism Development 

  • Experience and product development

  • Destination access and transportation solutions

  • Amenities, services and infrastructure development

  • Environmental stewardship: restoration and rehabilitation

  • Operator capability and development programmes

Consultation & Facilitation

  • Community consultation

  • Facilitator and presentations

  • Community planning

  • Consultation

  • Community futures planning – giving community the context and language to answer the question “what do you want your community to look like?”

Programme & Project Management

  • Parks project management, including parks and recreation infrastructure and development, Microsoft Project platforms

  • Parks and recreation management support: business plans, reviews, investment plans, marketing plans, capacity support, general professional services to assist

  • Asset management plans, activity plans, and levels of service reviews

  • Project management

  • Service level agreements and contracts

  • Parks and recreation operational procurement

  • Contract documentation for maintenance contracts and procurement processes

  • General contract documentation

Business Cases & Investment Plans

  • Reserve land acquisition, Reserves Act process assistance, parks consultation

  • Business plans

  • Programme management

  • Asset management plans

Champions of small projects

  • Fundraising for projects

  • Peer review for parks and recreation projects, organisations or structures

  • Local and Central Government Parks, Recreation and Aquatic recruitment 

  • Industry benchmarking

  • Maintenance contract market benchmarking analysis



We like to stay at the top of our game, that’s why Thrive Spaces and Places belongs to and supports a number of highly respected industry organisations including:

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Tauranga City Partner

We believe that  together we can make our cities and open spaces greener, healthier, wilder and fairer places to live. Thrive Spaces and Places supports:

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