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Biran Singh

Spaces and Places Project Manager 

I started my career as a keynote speaker at the 1982 World Parks Congress in Bali, Indonesia where I investigated the new adaptions that could assist ‘Conservation’ in Oceania. This set the tone for my career of over 50 years in the industry, where my main focus includes assisting with the development of long-term goals and vision-setting for organisations, planning delivery mechanisms, and creating park management plans. This has included provision for visitor services, extensive revegetation programmes and community events.  


I recently acted as Curator for the Eastwoodhill National Arboretum of New Zealand in Gisborne which involved providing operational plans, health and safety and securing funding resources with the help of the team at Thrive.  


I take pride in building and maintaining strong relationships with Tangata Whenua, Pacific Island communities and other cultural groups including being the Chair of Fala Pasifika, Pacific Staff Association at Manukau City Council and Yatra, Indian Staff Association at Auckland Council. 


I continue to be a member of various IUCN Commissions. I’m a life member of World Mangrove Experts and have been involved with Recreation Aotearoa for over 30 years. 


I actively aim to find solutions for a win-win situation for our clients in all our projects. In particular, these successes have been prominent where they have involved Tangata Whenua and the community. 



Bachelor of Science - Honours 

Master of Management  


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