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Alex Calwell

(ARPro, MPhED)
Principal Aquatics Specialist  

Over the last 25 years, Alex has been involved across all facets of the Aquatics industry and the role it plays in our communities. As a consistent contributor to industry through work as a Poolsafe assessor, Senior Assessor Mentor for Skills Active, and through panels for Recreation Aotearoa, Alex has developed an excellent knowledge of the current challenges facing the sector.

Alex has a broad skillset that covers the complexities of operating all sizes of Aquatic facilities while navigating the local government environment. Alex has a very strong operational focus, particularly around HSW systems, incident investigation, facility operating models, pool plant, asset maintenance, stakeholder relationships, and strategic development. As an experienced facility manager and leadership mentor, Alex can help strengthen your leadership group.

Alex believes in creating better practice in operations through a systematic approach that builds the industry as a whole and provides communities with a place to safely recreate in water.

In his spare time Alex can be found out running, playing guitar and enjoying the outdoors. 


Auckland Council

Senior Aquatics Operations Specialist  

West Wave Pool and Leisure Centre

Business and Operations Manager 

Takapuna Pool and Leisure Centre

Centre Manager 

North Shore Leisure

Operations Manager 

Sport Waitakere

Operations Manager 

Queenstown Lakes District Council 

Aquatics Manager 

Skills Active

Senior Assessor Mentor 

Recreation Aotearoa

Poolsafe Advisory Board Member

Certified LEAN Systems Practitioner 


  • Standardised  normal and emergency operating procedures for Auckland Council Pool network

  • Lead the large scale recruitment and training programming for Auckland Council pool network

  • Create training and development program for Aquatic staff

  • Contribute to the development of improved CAPEX procedures

  • Large renewal project management

  • Policy development and Bylaw reviews for Auckland Council

  • Contribute to Aquatic network provision review for Auckland Council

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