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Rob Mcgee

(BPhed, BCom) 
Senior Strategic Planner, Recreation and Facilities

Rob is a well-respected and senior leader across both the Sport, Active Recreation and Play sector and Local Government with over 13 years’ experience.

Rob has been part of and led some of the largest changes to Local Government, Sport and Recreation and Leisure areas over the last decade, including the Supercity amalgamation, the implementation for free swimming for 16 and under in Auckland, the creation of a $120m investment fund to support growth in the Auckland sport and recreation sector, and the introduction and development of Healthy Families initiative in South Auckland.

Rob is a champion for using insights to drive action and the need for our sector to continue to evolve and grow to allow us to meet current and future needs in an ever-changing environment.

Rob’s last role as Head of Active Recreation at Auckland Council gave him a unique insight into the challenges facing the sector and allowed him the opportunity to be involved in strategic direction setting and decision making for both Auckland and the Sport and Recreation sector nationally. This has resulted in Rob developing strong connections and relationships with local government, central government and the wider sport and recreation sector.  This has also allowed Rob to have leadership and responsibility for wide and diverse range of activities, from the procurement of facility management contracts, to commercial partnership, to facility development, to developing strategies and service models, to Union negotiations, to programme development at a size and scale that only exists in Auckland.  

Rob has been acknowledged by the sector as a winner of the Paul Stuart Memorial Award for excellence and outstanding personal contribution to the wider facility management industry and was also recently invited to be part of Sport NZ’s Executive Leaders Programme.


Led the formation of the Parks, Sport and Recreation Department during the 2010 Supercity amalgamation.

Led the implementation of the Free Swimming for 16 and under policy in Auckland.

Sponsor of the Albany Stadium Pool Development.

Chair of the Healthy Families South Auckland initiative.

Leader of the largest network of Council owned pool and leisure centres in Australasia. 

Oversaw the procurement of 19 third party facility management contracts.

Led the development of the new service approach for Auckland Leisure that responds to the growing and diverse needs of Auckland.

Led the implementation of a continuous improvement programme across a team of over 1,000 staff.

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